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Magali's Art Gallery

Oil Painting 1 

Here Magaly shows us about children in the forest, or? Call her and find out if this is what she had in mind when she painted this work of art.

Oil Painting 2

You really want to talk to Magaly and find out if she has special offers for you. She is best person to tell you about  offer details, including: regular price, special price, length of offer, and packages including this product.

Oil Painting 3

Here  we can appreciate nature and those most beloved birds that give our life and extra reason to take our time and smell our surroundings.


Oil Painting 4
Look at the beauty of this painting and put yourself in the place of the event, outstanding perception is the outcome.

Oil Painting 5
One more time transported into the world of great art, the theme can speak thousands of words with respect to a class on its own.

Please, call (703) 608-4731 for any questions, comments, or requests

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